Latest photo shoot!

PhotoShootWell, I got them back! I got my headshots back from the photographers. Man that was a tough day. Flash, Flash, Flash. I’m not a machine you know! Anyway… I personally think they turned out well. Unfortunately you guys are not going to get to see them, they are for casting people only. But I snuck one on here just fur kicks anyway.

The other shot is of my appearance in the “Bearly Legal Bitches” calendar for 2006. I am miss November! Unfortunately, it wont be available for purchase until late December of this year, just in time for XMAS. The photos that were not used will be posted in my gallery soon. I don’t have time to do it now, besides, I’m really tired. Stay tuned for the latest installment of “Buttons does the valley”. Laters xxxxx

Feeling a bit left out in the rain

Under the weatherWell, I am feeling much better right now. I am all better, that is to say all but my ego! When I was sick, I had to wear my little cone to stop me scratching myself! Can you believe that?!?! As if scratching is not as natural as licking your own delicate area! Anyway, my publicist said I should release this candid pic of me to show people that I am not just a celebrity, but I am in touch with society and have feelings too!

Hi, and welcome

Welcome to Buttons!Hi there cool cats and dogs. Welcome to my online blog, where you can read all about my latest musings, charity work and photo shoots. I will be updating this site regularly and communication with me can be made through the site. All bookings for my services must be made through this website. Please note, as of this time, I no longer do CAT WALKS. Stay tuned and keep it real.